We are farmers of a pedigree herd of Red Ruby Devon Cattle which we breed and raise on our farm at Boscarnon near Coverack. We have been farming all our lives and have built up our herd of rubies over the past decade. Our animals are 100% grass and forage fed from birth. During the winter months the cattle are housed in sheds with woodchip bedding, fed home grown hay and have access to seaweed and Himalayan rock salt for their trace mineral requirements.

The farm is composed mainly of species rich grassland, heathland and grazed woodland and it is managed sustainably without any external inputs. We have achieved Higher Level Stewardship status and the SSSI land forms part of the Lizard National Nature Reserve.

The cattle provide an active role as managers of this precious environment, they are able to roam freely, browsing on a variety of vegetation, in this coastal landscape. They are allowed to grow at their own pace and are only sent to slaughter after 36 months.

In 2014 we set up our our own butchery facility. This has given us complete control over the essential processes such as aging, butchering and packing of our beef. The beef is marketed as 100% grass fed, aged for over 3 weeks, butchered and vacuum packed with the option of blast freezing.

This produces beef that not only tastes fantastic but is good for you with additional benefits to the environment. We are increasingly working with other graziers in the area with the intention of offering a fairer price for any native breed cattle that are playing an active role in conservation management on the Lizard Peninsula and marketing it accordingly.

The ethos of the business is to provide top class beef that is healthy and beneficial to the environment and has true provenance.

We produce traditional butchery cuts and bespoke seam butchery to order.

This year in addition to conventional cuts we are starting production of our own 100% grass fed beef dripping and stock, pure beefburgers, assado bbq cuts and bresaola.

We supply our beef to local pubs, restaurants and cafes in the area and  beef is available to buy directly from the farm, for pick-up or home delivery in the local area.

We are also able to offer an overnight delivery service across the uk, packaging blast frozen beef in special insulated boxes to ensure a quality product on arrival.